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Freeline Therapeutics Holdings plc

Our Opinion

Freeline Therapeutics Holdings plc is on the Cruelty Free Investing list for exploiting animals because the company does animal testing for some of their medical analysis and clinical research.

Supporting Evidence:

The company stated in the following news article that they use animals for product testing.

“FLT201, the Company’s AAV gene therapy candidate for Gaucher disease Type 1, administered as a single infusion in animal models, produced steady-state expression of a novel GCase variant (GCasevar85) in plasma to drive uptake of GCase in target cells and tissues.” Read the following article

Company Description

Freeline Therapeutics Holdings plc is a clinical-stage, adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based, gene therapy company. The Company’s initial focus is on developing treatments for monogenic diseases. The Company focuses to deliver one-time gene therapy treatments that provides functional cures through permanently sustained physiological protein levels, leveraging the expression enabled by its gene therapy platform.

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