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Juno Therapeutics, Inc.

Our Opinion

Juno Therapeutics, Inc. is on the Cruelty Free Investing list for exploiting animals because the company does animal testing for some of their medical products and clinical research.

Supporting Evidence:

The company stated in the following report that they conduct pre-clinical trials of their drugs on animals.

“All animal studies or other preclinical tests performed by or on behalf of the Company either (i) have been conducted in all material respects in accordance with applicable Good Laboratory Practice regulations as described in 21 CFR Part 58 or comparable foreign applicable Laws or (ii) if not required to be conducted in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices, have employed the procedures and controls generally used by qualified experts in animal or preclinical study of products comparable to those being developed by the Company.” Read the following document

Company Description

Juno Therapeutics, Inc. operates as a biopharmaceutical company, which focuses on re-engaging the body’s immune system to revolutionize the treatment of cancer. Its platforms include chimeric antigen receptors and T-cell receptors. The chimeric antigen receptors technology directs T-cells to recognize cancer cells based on expression of specific cell surface proteins. The T-cell receptors technology provides the T-cells with a specific T-cell receptor that recognizes protein fragments derived from either intracellular or extracellular proteins. The company was founded by Hans E. Bishop, Lawrence Corey, Richard D. Klausner and Robert T. Nelsen on August 5, 2013 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA. [Source: MarketWatch]

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