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McDonald’s Corporation

Our Opinion

McDonalds is on the Cruelty Free investing animal use list because they serve food made from animals (beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, and dairy).

Some news items:

In the slaughterhouses of McDonald’s U.S. and Canadian chicken suppliers, birds are dumped out of their transport crates and hung upside down in metal shackles, which can result in broken bones, extreme bruising, and hemorrhaging.

PETA says, “Chickens killed for McDonald’s are slaughtered using an outdated method that results in extreme suffering.”

Birds Are Clubbed, Thrown, and Crowded for Chicken McNuggets.

Company Description

McDonald’s (or simply as McD) is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It was founded in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948, they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand, using production line principles.