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PhaseRx, Inc.

Our Opinion

PhaseRx is on the Cruelty Free Investing list for exploiting animals because the company does animal testing in discovery and development of some of their therapeutics.

Supporting Evidence:

The company stated in the following press release that they conduct pre-clinical trials of their drugs on animals.

“The administration of mRNA delivered using the company’s proprietary Hybrid mRNA TechnologyTM platform in a large animal model was safe and well tolerated at all dose levels tested – an important step prior to advancing its lead mRNA drug candidate towards clinical development.” Read the following article

Company Description

PhaseRx, Inc. engages in the development of novel RNA-based drugs. The firm RNA therapeutics company developing treatments for orphan liver disease. It is utilizing its proprietary hybrid mRNA delivery system, which offers the ability to deliver messenger RNA therapeutics predictably to selected tissues in vivo, thereby unlocking the value of mRNA as a new therapeutic modality. [Source: MarketWatch]

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