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Puma Biotechnology Inc

Our Opinion

Puma Biotechnology is on the Cruelty Free Investing list for exploiting animals because the company does animal testing for some of their medical products and therapies.

Supporting Evidence:

The company stated in the following article that they conduct pre-clinical trials of their drugs on animals.

“On observation, the tumors were deep and diverse in the untreated animals; however, completely destroyed in the PDT treated animals, suggesting that the Theralase PDCs elicit a strong immune-mediated response.” Read the following article

Company Description

Puma Biotechnology, Inc. is a development stage biopharmaceutical company. It acquires and develops innovative products for the treatment of various forms of cancer. The company focuses on in-licensing drug candidates that are undergoing or have already completed initial clinical testing for the treatment of cancer and then seek to further develop those drug candidates for commercial use. [Source: MarketWatch]

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