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Spectral AI Inc.

Our Opinion

Spectral AI Inc. is on the Cruelty Free Investing use of animals list because they conduct pre-clinical studies of their drugs on animals to assess a product’s safety profile.

Supporting Evidence:

The company stated in the following report that they exploit animals for product testing.

“This device was also used in animal studies to investigate its ability to differentiate viable tissue from burn tissue in an animal model of burn excision surgery. However, the data acquisition process for PPG signal collection involved video recording of 30 seconds which introduces artifacts in the signal when the patient cannot be still.” (Page 81) Read the full document

Company Description

Spectral AI, Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI) company, focuses on developing predictive medical diagnostics in the United States. The company develops medical diagnostics for faster and accurate treatment decisions in wound care with applications involving patients with burns and diabetic foot ulcers. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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